Iowa Radon Testing

The very first step in determining if you need to install a mitigation system is to determine if you even need one in the first place. Radon testing is a required element of home inspections for all transactions in the state. That said, we know that radon levels in the Des Moines area among the highest in the nation. Additionally, DIY testing kits are relatively inexpensive and we think its a good idea to perform periodic testing of your home once a year or so.what_is_radon

I often get asked if DIY testing is sufficient or if professional testing is needed for a truly accurate reading. My response is this; for most homeowners and small offices DIY testing is a great starting point. If you need testing for a commercial workspace or school professional testing is a must.

Additionally, if you already have reason to suspect you have elevated radon levels it maybe be a good idea to consult with a professional right away. Some obvious examples of these reasons would be if both of your neighbors have shown elevated levels or if someone in your home (or living close by) is diagnosed with lung cancer.

Follow the links to learn more about each option: DIY Testing or Professional Testing. If you need information about testing in a school, business or office environment visit our page on Commercial Radon Testing.

Real Estate transaction in Iowa require that radon testing be conducted as part of the home inspection process. This testing must be conducted by a licensed professional. Learn more about the testing process for real estate transactions on our real estate testing page.