New Construction

New Construction Radon Systems

Installing a radon mitigation system in new homes is becoming more and more common in the Des Moines area. There are a number of benefits to installing the system while the home is being built. To start, they are often the most effective systems at reduce indoor radon levels. Secondly, the overall cost can sometimes be lower than if you wait to install until after the home is built. Finally, if you are financing the construction you can usually include the system with no additional out-of-pocket expense.

If you decide to go this route (and it is highly recommended) you’ll want to ask your home builder about the subcontractor they will be using. Don’t be afraid to speak with the radon company yourself. Ask all the same questions that you’d ask if you were having it installed in an existing home. Finally, inquire about what sort of warranties are provided.

This video provides some additional helpful details: