Radon Mitigation System Cost

We know Radon kills. We know indoor radon levels in Des Moines are often higher than average and can pose a major threat to our health. We know that installing a radon removal system in our home can significantly reduce the exposure our families face. That said. they aren’t free to install. Given a choice, I think most of us would agree that they would prefer to not breath in toxic levels of radon on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the cost of installing a system is a deciding factor for many folks.

radon4The cheapest route is to install a system yourself. But is that the best idea? For me, it wasn’t, and I’m willing to bet the same holds the majority of Iowans. I wanted the system to work as intended. The basics of the process are relatively easy to grasp. But, for a system to operate effectively there are a number of nuanced issues to consider and little details that much be done properly. With that in mind, I wanted to make sure the system did its job and knew that the chances of success were highest left in the hands of a professional. An ineffective system, no matter the cost, is worthless.

So, how much on average do homeowners in Des Moines pay for a professionally installed radon mitigation system? The final price for the parts and labor usually falls somewhere between $1,300-$2,500, with the median price right around $1,600.

Factors that impact the cost are:

  • Structure of Building Foundation
    • Basement (Slab-on-Grade)
    • Crawl Space
  • Size of Home
  • Layout of Home
  • Existing Radon Levels
  • Amount and Severity of Foundational Cracks (if any)

The only way to truly know how much it will cost to have one installed in your home is to speak with a professional. We highly recommend our provider and they can be contacted at the number on the top the page. Keep in mind, that the lowest cost isn’t always going to be the most effective system. When speaking with potential contractors ask them to explain the methods they will be using and why they chose them. Prepare yourself to know what to expect by using all the information on our site. A good place to start is on our overview of home radon mitigation systems.